Friday, March 28, 2014

The Beginning or Somewhere in the Middle

I never know where is appropriate to begin with your first blog post. The truth is that no one really starts reading these until you've been posting for some time, by that point this post gets lost and it doesn't really matter if you know that I'm a currently unemployed fiction writer, knitter, designer or anything else. It doesn't matter that I grew up for the entirety of my 30 something years in the south and moved to the beautiful breadbasket of Northern California wine country chasing my husbands job and a dream of free living (the soul, clearly not the pocketbook). You haven't read that I believe in the beauty of well designed body art, that I love really great fresh foods, that I'm a lover and re-seller of beautiful vintage items and that after 10 years of marriage we are having our first child in the fall.

None of that matters so I'll just jump right in ;).

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