Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Baby Pandemic - The Decorating Obsession!

It's a thing that's happening, at least among those on my facebook friends, the baby pandemic! Cover your mouths! Close your legs! Don't drink the Kool-Aid!

The thing that I didn't realize after I caught the little bug were the side-effects. The way that I have said for years "I'll never..." "That won't happen to me..." "I'll still be able to think about other things..." Famous last words. Major symptom of the baby pandemic: COMPLETE OBSESSION! Every aspects creeps into the corners of your mind till you become unsure of what took up residence there before. For me I can see the dusty pages of a manuscript and a blinking cursor begging to lead the way to the next great story. Instead I'm making registries, staring at Pinterest nurseries, googling belly pictures, and trying to not be frustrated that my dear husbands refusal to commit to a name! 

People who know me well know that I've been mentally decorating the nursery since the second that little blue plus sign appeared. As usual, the images that appear in my head aren't generally things that exist in the real world. They are lovely figments of my over-active decorating imagination. So as I go through pages and pages and pages and pages of "nursery decor," fluffy crib quilts and bumpers with puffy pastel woodland creatures my frustration grew. I'm not a pastel and puffy panda kind of a gal.

Finally it happened! It was like meeting your husband, or for me getting pregnant in the first place! You stop trying and it just falls into your lap in all it's lovely vintage-modern perfectly funky fashion. It started with the blanket
 and my friend Sarah, who's brain is void of obsessive baby thoughts telling me to find the fabric. A few days later I'm having a quilt custom made by a wonderful friend and dear Sarah is having her friend custom make bumpers, skirts, and I'm throwing together some curtains to my perfect nursery! 

If you're a mommy-to-be like me and you can't seem to find what's just right for you, you may have a weapon in your back pocket that you weren't even aware of. Hit up your crafty friends, don't have those, search etsy, there are lots of fabulous people that will be happy to customize your nursery for a fee! I'd mostly suggest looking at Birch Fabrics beautiful organic cotton options! There are so many beautiful fun patterns for those of us who just can't handle another pink owl! 

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