Sunday, May 25, 2014

Little Gypsy

Since finding out that the little bun is a tiny lady I've been excitedly looking at modern baby girl fashions. I've really gotten into those cute gypsy headbands and turbans. They're girly and fashionable without being overly cutesy and I wanted to knit some that would be warm and trendy without being bulky.

I immediately dove into existing patterns but found very few that really panned out, either the pattern was written really confusingly or seemed to just be wrong. There seemed to be no reason to over-complicate something like this so playtime began. 

Little Gypsy
Worsted / Sport Weight Yarn
Size US 5 double point (or small circulars)
Tapestry Needle

Pattern is worked all in one piece! 
I'm working out different sizes. I've done this twice and I would say due to the loft in different yarns it seems to work up in different sizes. Worsted produced a NB (0-3 month), while the ultra lofty Baby Cashmerino that is a sport weight gave me something with more stretch that I think will likely work 0-6 months. I am going to work out an adult sizing for this pattern as well in the next few weeks. 

On US size 5's CO 60 Sts, join for working in the round.
Rows 1-3: Purl
If you are joining a second color you will do this on Row 4. 
Rows 4-7: Knit
Repeat this super simple set up twice more. (this will give you 3 Purl sections and 3 Knit sections)
If you are doing two colors break yarn and attach your first color. 
Purl 3 Rows
Last Row/BO Row: Slip 2 sts, BO to last 3 sts, this is now the beginning of your wrap row. 
Knit these 5 stitches in stockinette (k RS, p WS) for 12 rows, BO. 
To finish you will wrap this "tab" around the middle of the band, you have the ability to make it as loose or tight as you are comfortable with at this time. Finish by stitching BO edge to the inside. As you see I embellished one headband, this is a great way to dress up or down this very simple and adorable project! 


  1. Cute headband! I knit one of these and write a review of the pattern on my blog!

  2. I would love to try this pattern out but as the instructions are mainly in US cannot find any abbreviations for the part that says BO in the last row

  3. BO = Bind Off or Cast Off in the UK

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