Friday, May 30, 2014

Save the Belly!

All pregnant women know that you're constantly seeking that one magical product that will save our skin from stretch marks through the nine month elasticity test! I'd always heard that there was no magical product, that they all make claims but really I should go ahead and give up. This is not true!

I met the savior of my skin by happenstance last August at The World's Longest Yard Sale while picking for The Owl Cage. It was a warm sunny day in central Tennessee. My husband and I got side tracked by the most incredible smell of herbs coming from one particular spot amid the masses. We walked around the table full of hand-made soaps and salves inhaling deeply when we met Willow, the owner of Tennessee Medicinals. She commented on my tattoo and asked if she could put some of her salve on it, I of course complied already being wooed by the scent. At the time the container was marked stretch cream, she told me that she had designed it as stretch salve for pregnant bellies but that she found that it worked beautifully to enhance the colors of tattoos. I thought it was great and smelled great but at the time I passed.

The day I found out I was pregnant I contacted Willow about the stretch cream knowing that the smell was so fresh and clean that it wouldn't agitate my mommy nose. She told me she had repackaged it as Aunt Willow's Tattoo Salve but it was the same great product designed as stretch-mark goo. A few days later it was in hand and I started my regiment that would become routine over the next months.

I'm now 6 months pregnant with not a single unsightly mark on my belly! (can't say so much for my boob, where I didn't know I needed to be using stretch cream ;) As soon as I noticed this guy I started using the goo and they've already started fading! This stuff is AMAZING ladies! It's completely natural and smells incredible! I had to throw out a plug for the great goo that's saving my skin! Her other products are great as well, the Hemp Shave Soap being the only thing my hubs and I use any more and her bars last a super long time!


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